Removing Firebase for Unity IOS

If you want activate Push Notification in your unity project, you have to use different plugins for Android and ios. For Android Push-notification google force to use Firebase with Firebase Messaging plugin. The problem, that Firebase Messaging also integrating into IOS.

Below, the steps how to remove firebase from IOS.


1. Commented lines in /Assets/Firebase/Editor/AppDeps.cs 

2. Commented lines in /Assets/Firebase/Editor/MessagingDeps.cs 

3. Import plist from google firebase account and place into Unstoppable/Assets/Firebase/GoogleService-Info.plist

4. Delete files:

  • /Assets/Firebase/Plugins/iOS/Firebase.App.dll
  • /Assets/Firebase/Plugins/iOS/Firebase.Messaging.dll
  • /Assets/Plugins/iOS/Firebase/libApp.a
  • /Assets/Plugins/iOS/Firebase/libMessaging.a

5. Update /Assets/Firebase/Plugins/link.xml 

6. Try to bould again!

Thanks to VanCouridge for helping.



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